Taste Contest


All branded (not bulk) processed or non-processed foods and beverages available in retail stores are eligible to participate in the Supreme Taste Award (Taste Olymp Award). The products to be evaluated must be in the appropriate condition for tasting and their distinctive information must be written out correctly and clearly on the label, i.e. they must be products ready to be sold to the consumer public. The contest’s organizational committee may request physical and chemical tests in cooperation with recognized laboratories, in order to verify that the products are technically sound.


The “blind” method is used for tasting the products, without packaging and without any type of distinctive feature visible. Each product is given a code number to ensure its reliable traceability. The samples are evaluated by the Olymp Awards Chef’s Jury Panel with panel leader Mr. Konstantinos Mouzakis. Each judge carries out an organoleptic analysis of the products he tastes and records a numerical rating on the evaluation sheet, which represents the general sense of enjoyment (which weighs the most in the final rating) as well as other criteria, such as appearance, odor, texture, flavor, and mouth-feel.

The products are evaluated based on their distinct and individual properties and do not compete with each other.

Food and beverage awards:

  • PLATINUM Taste Olymp Award, products with ratings of 95,5 and 100
  • GOLD Taste Olymp Award, products with ratings of 80,5 and 95
  • SILVER Taste Olymp Award, products with ratings between 65 and 80

The general rating, on a scale of 100, is the result of the weighted average of the separate ratings.

Why to participate?

The Award is a reliable sign of superior quality, which can be used both in the domestic and export markets. Chefs and Sommeliers are opinion leaders. Their approval enhances your negotiating power in transactions with distributors, suppliers, and retailers. Being able to advertise a certified superior flavor has a proven positive effect on sales. By winning the award for your products, you are maximizing your marketing actions across the globe.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation is €360 including max 4 products (or 4 labels) for example: honey, yogurt, olive oil, and pasta. If you are participating with more than 4 samples, the cost is €80 for each additional participant.

How to participate

You can send your application online by clicking here.

Panel of judges - evaluators


Constantinos Mouzakis

Panel Leader

“CHEF EUROPE 2015”, Executive Private Chef / Catering. President & Founding Member of the Club ``Acropolis - chef's club of Attica``. Gastronomy Manager & Food Supply Chief to Permanent Social Structures of the Poverty and Poverty Management of the UNESCO Group of Piraeus and Islands. Director of the Eptanese Gastronomy of the Union of the Ionian Islands. Member of the CEUCO International Council. Member of the Institute of Greek Nutritional Culture and Gastronomy. Certified and registered trainer in EAPPP adult trainers registers. Certified in the Euro-Asian Teaching of the UNESCO Clubs.

Constantinos Mouzakis

Panel Leader

Αthanasios Skouras

Vasilis Mpekas

Giannis Mpratsolias

Panagiotis Tzimas


Eva Mpona

Executive Chef, she participated in the WACS World Gastronomy Congress on GReat kouzina.

Eva Mpona

Lefteris Karantanis


Christos Mousouroulis

Christos Mousouroulis - Executive Chef

Vast Hotel and Restaurants experience and a sound background in all areas of Culinary and Catering operations, working in Europe and in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Golf countries and Ocean Pacific with Various Global Hotel Companies In the 5* Hospitality Industry. Currently Placed as an Executive Chef for Ensana Health & Spa Hotels in Slovakia (Central Europe) at Thermia Palace 5* Hotel.

Christos Mousouroulis

Nikos Politis

Magda Pistikou

Sissy Nika

Nikos Kourtis

Filippos Dimopoulos

Thanasis Karaindros

Iakovos Apergis

Natasa Iliopoulou

Maria Bistaraki

Markos Renieris

Sotiris Laskaridis

Stefanos Sotirxos

Georgia Koutsoukou