Dorian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Of Lakonia

by Diamond Shine International INC

DORIAN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is produced by Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union – Laconia Greece S.A. and is imported to Taiwan by Diamond Shine International INC. Our main scope is to embrace high quality of our extra virgin olive oil with environmental awareness, consumer’s safety and producer’s welfare. We select the best extra virgin olive oils from the region of Laconia to create one of the best oils in the world. The DORIAN extra virgin olive oil is produced from olive fruits picked by hand, crushed and extracted within 24 hours from harvest at the village local oil mills under cold extraction conditions (less than 27o C). In order to retain their unique freshly olive flavor and aroma. The DORIAN extra virgin olive oil has a medium – high, green fruity aroma and medium – high intensity of bitter and spicy (pungent) taste on the palate. The oil is balanced and full of personality. We are located in the historic region of Laconia – Greece.